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Help needed in WSC/CDML/Apache setup

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I have a G3/10.2.8 which I have installed the WSC and a copy of FMP 5.5 Unlimited to serve a working CDML shopper I have written and tested via web companion. The box is sitting on my switch with a static ip to my T1. I am trying to run this with the connector and apache so I can use ssl for credit cards, as opposed to just feeding it through web companion server.

The WSC install went fine and let me add all 6 of my databases correctly. It is set to use port 591 so that the CDML doesn't conflict with port 80 on Apache. Checking the webcompanion via filemaker shows 591 as its defined port.

I have the html/cdml format files sitting in the Filemaker Web folder for 5.5 and placed a duplicate copy of the format files at the library/webserver/documents/ level.

I'm not clear as to the proper progression from this point...

When I hit apache at http://myip/index.html I get the html and images without the CDML processing. If I hit it with a url like I would for just using the web campanion, ie: http://myip/fmpro?-db=products.fp5&-lay=web&-format=index.html&-view

it gives me an error stating "Forbidden You do not have authorization to access this server".

Thinking it might be a permissions issue, I checked the permissions on the webserver/documents folder. System and admin have read/write and others only "read" but I couldn't figure out how to give other read/write also (if that even is the issue...) Anyway, I am definately missing something here and would really appreciate someone giving me a step by step to get this working. Thanks in advance!

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are you using the web security databases or filemaker permissions?

If you are using CDML you need to use the webcompanion and it is advisable to use the security databases for permission. (under prefs - application - plugins - webcompanion (configure).

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This topic is 6626 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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