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Setting up FX.php


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I am trying to set up FX.php and just can't seem to get connected to FileMaker. I have tried using 2 different web servers and two different versions of FileMaker (FMP7 Server Advanced and FMP6 Unlimited) with all combinations thereof.

I've tried both the IP address and the URL name in the server_data.php file. I've checked the FileMaker version set in FX.php. I've even tried hardcoding the file references into all the FX.php files to bypass the server root function.

On one of my servers I can get it down to a "Call to undefined function: xml_parser_create()" error. On the other I get "failed to open stream: No such file or directory". I suspect that the root web directory the server returns may be innacurate but the solution I mentioned above didn't work.

Both my web servers are Apache and managed by someone else so my next step is to install php on one of my servers and try that instead.

Any suggestions or solutions to the xml parsing problem?


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I can access the database through IWP but I get nothing back when I try to connect using FX.php.

I meant I will install php on a server I am an admin for so that I could test it with full access to the .ini file. The two servers I've installed FX.php on both had php installed and configured but I'm not a server admin for those so I have no control over issues like xml_parser being disabled.

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Good point Gary,

I banged my head for a day trying to get FX.php to work, only to realize that when I updated it, it rewrote over that line of code (silly me).

Let's summarize:

1. Make sure php is up and running (version 4.09 or higher)

2. Apache? or IIS?

3. follow the instruction to test the PHP set-up (ie create a file info.php)

4. in FX.php make sure the var $dataServerType = 'FMpro5/6' or 'FMPro7' depending on your filemaker version.

5. update your server_data.php to reflect your ip address (for testing use localhost, and port 591)

6. Go to fmwebschool and buy the book FXPHP in 8 hours - it is money well spent.

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This topic is 6623 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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