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Receiving blank web pages


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I'm pulling out what little hair I have!

About 9 months ago, I took the FM Web School course and found everything very straight forward and had no problems. I didn't have time to develop in it until now, and now, here is my situation...

(I have Server 8 running on my Win Server, so I'm doing this on my Mac running 10.4.3 and with Server 7 Advanced. I don't see any difference in that, but I'm primarily a Windows user so it might be relevant.)

- I have 7 Advanced installed and running.

- I have tested before and after all FM Server updates.

- All files are published for XML (I am having the same problems with the sample files by Chris Hansen and the FMWebSchool class files and my own test files.)

- All files include the fmxml Extended Privilege Set.

- All files are using the Admin account with [Full Access] and no password.

- All files have been set to full Read/Write privileges in the OS.

- The file type in FX.php is set to FMPro7.

- Port is set to 80 (but I tried 591 - Everything is running on the same machine).

- I have downgraded from PHP 5.1.1 to 4.3.11 and rebooted.

- When viewing a phpinfo page, everything looks normal/reasonable.

- I have tested in Internet Explorer and Safari (IE indicates "Sending request for /[filename]" for about 8 seconds while running the page).

- View Source on ANY of the above mentioned PHP pages shows a completely blank window (not even any html tags - nothing).

and the net result is...

- When running ANY of the pages mentioned, I get a blank page. Just like with the View Source, I don't even get html text. If I remove all code that would result in displayed data (echo or print_r) then I CAN View Source, I CAN echo an error message of "No Action Taken" and I CAN get a Found Count of 0 (or -1).

My question, very simply is, what am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Yes, I tried both.

From what I have read, port 80 should be used if it is run on the same machine (it is) and 591 if on different ones.

Thanks though! Any more ideas?

Also, I some issues installing on IIS some months ago (just getting started and had some learning issues). I've now gone back to install in my Win 2003 Enterprise server. I also downgraded PHP from 5.x to 4.x. When downgrading on both the Win server and the Mac, I didn't manually remove any old files. Now, on my Win server, I can't even get phpinfo. Any ideas about this being the problem?

And, also, also... My ISP is running PHP 4.x and I have a static IP so I tried things that way. Via web hosting (with FM Server and the WPE on my Win server) I can now render pages correctly and I can View Source html correctly but there is not data connection.


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Thanks again Garry,

It looks like this was 'one of those things' that just goes round-and-round. (And I kind of expected that to be the case.)

This actually started on my Win server before I installed FM Server 8. I had some problems installing PHP on it and I didn't need to follow through at the time so I just let it sit (then later moved to my Mac.)

This is a classic situation where I didn't clear my mind of previous attempts and kept changing what I was trying rather than just starting over.

In the end, I seem to have an IIS/PHP issue on the Win Server that's still unaddressed, but the problems on the Mac and the ISP hosted pages were just common problems. I reinstalled everything so many times (from copies I had on my HD) and worked with so many different testing files, that it's likely that each time, the error was something different.

Anyway, in the end, the Mac and the ISP hosted pages work fine.

Thanks for the advice. (As one of the mistakes, the port was set wrong!)

Also a public thanks to Andy Gaunt of FMPug who interupted his schedule to spend some one-on-one time with me on this to get over the PHP-Newbie hump.

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This topic is 5765 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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