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multiple search on single field


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OK, I know I saw something posted on this before but cannot find it...

I am trying to get a found set that includes 3 specific publications using CatalogNumber as the search field.

My code:

$hotsearch=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort);


$hotsearch->AddDBParam('CatalogNumber', $hotpub1);

$hotsearch->AddDBParam('CatalogNumber', $hotpub2);

$hotsearch->AddDBParam('CatalogNumber', $hotpub3);

$hotsearch->AddDBParam('-lop', 'or');


foreach($hotsearchResult['data'] as $hot2=>$hotdata2);

This will only find one record (the last one).

In filemaker I can use the "addition request" to add more parameters to the find using the same field.

Any help is always appreciated.

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I've worked with someone recently who has a similar problem. However, I was able to get it to work on my combination of software.

I am using FM6 with FX 4.

Here is a way of testing:

$findrecord->AddDBParam("Info_ID","102 104 105");



This just has a list of search criteria as a space-delimited string. However, multiple AddDBParam should also work.

Good Luck.


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I'll give it a try,

I wonder if there is a difference between ' and " in the code.

I noticed for '-script' that when I used ("-script", "placeorder") it magically worked, while the single quote gave problems.

I'll let you know how it goes - because logically, my code should be clean.

FM 6 and FX 4.02 on Windows 2000 apache 2, php 4.5

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I played around with a few combinations and watch what happend in the FM database. It appears that all three records were appearing and that the key was where I was placing my 'foreach' statement.

I also made sure that I used doublequotes ( " ) instead of single quotes.

Here is the final working code for reference:

$hotsearch=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort);


$hotsearch->AddDBParam("CatalogNumber", "25570");

$hotsearch->AddDBParam("CatalogNumber", "4633");

$hotsearch->AddDBParam("CatalogNumber", "25648");

$hotsearch->AddDBParam("-lop", "or");


The in the html I added this code:

Popular Picks

<? foreach($hotsearchResult['data'] as $hot2=>$hotdata2) {?> [*]<? echo $hotdata2['Title'][0];?> <? }?> [/list]

And finally a very useful bit of code for checking where the data was ending up was:

 print "
print_r($hotsearchResult); print "-";

This helped located the missing recorded and proved that in fact they might have been there all along, but the foreach statement needed to be correctly used.

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This topic is 5764 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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