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Get List of Scripts

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I'm in the midst of upgrading a database to FM8. The database was first created in FileMaker 2.1 and has been upgraded repeatedly until 4.1. Now I'm upgrading/converting it to FM8.

This database has a LOT of scripts and there are many that have accumulated over the years and were not removed or cleaned up... now it's my job to do that. :)

Is there any tools that can show me:

  • Scripts that aren't tied to any buttons or other scripts
  • A full list of the scripts (printable?) not just a ScriptMaker window at a time.
  • Scripts with broken(unknown) references
  • Scripts that refer to other files

Many Thanks!

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If you have FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can run a DDR (Database Design Report) which will give you an HTML document with most of this info.

Or you can run the DDR in XML format and extract the data any way you want using any XML processing tool.

For a full list of scripts, the Design function "ScriptNames ( fileName )" can get you that.

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This file sounds like a candidate to be rewritten in version 8. How many files did you bring into the current solution from the v5/6 days?

I don't know if you have a Developer Edition of FileMaker (oops, [color:red]Hi Wim, I just noticed that you have replied with a similar thought as mine.

It doesn't appear by your profile that you Do have Advance (aka Developer Edition of FileMaker), so this is probably a moot point. However, www.fmnexus.com has just released a product called Inspector, that is pretty cool, and can help you find things like this. Unfortunately, you have to have a Developer, or Advance copy of FileMaker, because it requires a DDR (Database Design Report) for it to do its reports. The Demo has a 14 day review period, and it is a full working application except that you can not "Print" the reports.



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No, sadly it's not the Advanced version. :

Just bringing the one database to the current release but this database was actually three files and I'm also consolidating it to just one file (Tables = a good thing).

Thanks for all the help! :)

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This topic is 5743 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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