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Tiki drink database / inventory / random drink [Beta-7]

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Solution / :) Tiki drink database / inventory / random drink

Description: I made a drink database I did that for a luau we had for the holidays. It's in filemaker pro 7.

Everything is straight forward, how to enter a new drink, how to manage your inventory, if you click on recipes it will give you drinks you can do with your inventory. If you click a Tiki God anywhere in the database you will get a random recipe. In there you have an inventory and drinks already there to make it more enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy it.


Working Under: 7

Solution Status: Beta


Author(s): marika

Date: 03/29/06


Instructions / Other Info:


FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these files are fit for any particular purpose. Do not post or distribute files without written approval from the copyright owner. All files are deemed public domain unless otherwise indictated. Please backup every file that you intend to modify.

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There isn't a shortage of storage space on the Forum, only a limit in the size that can be attached (1.43 mgs).

Is the size of your file before or after it is zipped?


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Ah good question! You can email, me but drinks sent as attachment are really sad compared to a nice concoction ;) I am glad it works for you and if you find anything that's not friendly or you think that could make it better let me know.

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I downloaded your file because I was interested to see how you were able to limit recipes that only included ingredients in the inventory. But I found that the same recipes showed up no matter what I had in the inventory. I guess this part of the design is not fleshed out yet. I would also recommend that all of your fields be labeled. For example when I was in the layout to change quantities in the inventory, I did not find the layout completely intuitive. I like the idea and will be interested to see later versions as I could use a system like this at my house!

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If you trigger the recipe script or the menu script it will omit the drinks you don't have the alcohol or juices for. It works. I have 43 drink drinks in my database and here are 3 I don't see because I don't have some juices/alcohol in stock.

Now in the inventory layout you need to put 1 (the number one) beside the alcohol you have in stock and if you don't have it leave it blank.

The less intuitive part is how to enter a new drink (I never did this database thinking I would share it so that's why the fields are not labeled but a quick view at the layout would have done the trick). I repeat the name of the drink beside each item of the drink. Maybe that's where it went wrong you can look at the existing ones in the database that's why I left information in there, in case it's not so clear.

Maybe there was a better way of doing that but I am still learning, I will get there sometime.

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