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Mapping records on Google Maps

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Could someone please explain how I might publish a set records (that have zip code information) on Google (or some other) map ?

This isn't a very important project.. so I don't want to kill myself over it.. it also doesn't really /need/ to be dynamic, though that would be nice.

Are there some simple options ?

I have no clue about how to approach this.

The database is served on Filemaker Server 7 (standard version), but I could move it to Server 7 Advanced.

In any case, thanks for any advice or pointers to tutorials you can offer.

Cheers :)

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Here is a file I am posting on my web site next month...

Hi John,

Interesting and disarmingly simple way to exploit web resources from within a neat FileMaker utility. I'm guessing that techniques of that kind will have a big future! :)

Kudos to Bruce Ellis for the file -- and of course to you for sharing it!

PS: I look forward to the day when the continent I live on gets 'noticed' by Google Maps... :smirk:

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I've done the same thing in the past but took a different approach.

Instead of creating a couple new fields (calculated) to hold the unique URL for each record in the database I calculate the URL at run time in a script variable for only the address that I'm interested in. Maybe I'm all wet but my thinking is that I am saving some resources by using this method. I figure that the stored URL does me no good until I push a button so why not create only the URL that is actually needed at run time and then release it immediately upon script termination?

Am I wrong in my thinking? Whenever I download example files I see a lot more calculated fields than I have in my typical solutions.

In this Google sceneraio I can't imagine a situation where I would ever like to see the full URL for each address in a list view for instance so I just can't see why one would clutter up the tables with a calculation like this.

Oops, I just realized that this is in the 'online' forum so I don't know if this figures into the equation or not. Also, I do realize that sample files do not necessarily indicate the best way to do something. It could simply be an easier way to explain the concept.

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This topic is 5695 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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