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Error 1053

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Hi Guys,

Tried to do a search on the above error, but the search wasn't working in the forums.

Has anyone encountered this error when they try to quit FileMaker server from the console.

FileMaker Server just seems to hang when I try stopping the service, I dont know the impact it is having on my files when I continually switch off the server from the mains whilst logged into the operating system.

Im using Winsows 2000 SP4 on an Athlon machine with 512MB of RAM. I also have Server Advanced installed, which have both been updated to v4.

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Start by checking the application log.

Next time you need to stop the FMS service, use the SAT tool to:

- check if there are any users connected to it, if so kick them off

- close the files

These two actions need to be done by FMS itself if you ask the OS to ask FMS to stop. These two actions can take more time than the OS is willing to wait for progress.

Happens especially on lower end machines or if you have really big files with lots of uncommitted cache.

So if you want to save, close the files manually before stopping the FMS service. You can also automate it through the command line SAT version.

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Yes, we have been getting this behaviour i.e. the FMS service won't quit, since upgrading to FMS8. I was pretty annoyed and pursued it with Filemaker technical staff. They admitted it was a problem and suggested doing this:

1. Close all databases. I do it with the Admin tool.

2. Open the task manager and kill the service. Also have to kill the helper service.

There have now been three server upgrades and still this happens. Pretty poor.

BTW, we are on Windows 2003 server.

The machine is a dual Xeon so can hardly be described as low end as the other reply suggested.


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I've been having the same problem myself and it's very frustrating. What makes it worse is that some of the sites that I managee have a UPS thats designed to shut do a server shutdown when there is a power failure. Since the Windows OS doesn't want to wait for FMS to stop running the files get shutdown hard and occasionally dinged up. Since I have FMS configured to do a consistancy check upon opening each file I will sometime have a file that will not open because it was shutdown hard. This means that I have to shut off the FMS service, open the file and either save it as a compacted copy, rename it etc... or If I have FMA on the server I can compact and optimize it that way. Either way it's a MAJOR pain in the A$$.

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Thanks, I am aware of that feature, however it is an option (one that I'd recommend using)and not on automatically. If I uncheck the option of opening with a consistancy check the files will open up normally. Version 7 did not perform a consistancy check on its files prior to opening thats why there was never a problem with them. Now all FM has to do is figure out a way to force a faster disconnect to the clients so the service will not time out and allow the files to close correctly prior to a system shutdown, then all will be fine.

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This topic is 5590 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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