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Looking for FileMaker classes in California

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Does anyone know of any community college that has beginner filemaker classes? My bosses have requested that I learn how to build a database, but don't have the funds to hire someone to actually come to the business and train. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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I didn't vote, because the answer would depend on YOU.

FileMaker has the reputation for being EASY to Learn and Use, but it does have a learning curve. How quickly you can move through the learning curve will depend on things such as a knowledge of databases, ability to learn new subjects, and commitment to put the time into learning.

Consider the following.

How complex will the Database need to be?

>You can put together a Flat File like a Rolodex in a few minutes, but if you are talking about an Accounting Package, then plan on a Stiff Learning Curve.

How much time do you have to learn it?

> I'm self taught, but I started with the original FileMaker back in 1989, when it wasn't very complicated. You could actually produce a solution without even picking up the Manual, Also, I'm still learning new stuff.

Check out your local Community College, I know of a couple of them that have offered classes in FileMaker in the past here, however, I think you can learn just as much from the Manual.

Take a look at the Sample/Example files that come with FileMaker, they can provide you with a good idea as to what can be done with FileMaker (some members have actually been able to use these files to meet a need.

One of the best learning tools is this Forum. I would start by reading what has been recommend reading/viewing in three of the forums.

Resource Topic Area

FM Forums Affiliate Sponsor Topic Area

FileMaker Developers & User Groups Topic Area.

Again, we do not know your background and abilities, so this is something only you would know.




I should have also mention that if you do a Google Search for [color:blue]FileMaker Training, you will get a lot of leads. [color:blue] and some of the sponsors here offer classes, videos, seminars, etc., so click on their links and see what is there.

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I always recommend doing something as a base first -- and always recommend lynda.com --> Gives you a nice short intro to relational database design, aswell as how to use FM to generate basic reports etc. etc. The rest is basically learn as you go -- and yes, these forums are an excellent resource, ask all the "noob" questions you want -- people are happy to help you out if you've at least bothered to have a quick search to see if you're questions already been answered.

Anyway, no point trying to learn it all at once (unless you really really really really really have to) - it's a short learning curve for the basics, but in terms of actual pro dev -- may take a lot longer. I've been working with it for about a year or something now and only had a decent grasp of it -- e.g. i didn't do 5 times more work than i had to to make something operate efficiently until after that point. But again -- these forums = excellent :(

Anyway, good luck -- if you've self taught before it shouldn't be too much of an issue like Lee says though - it all really depends on you.

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I would recommend buying one of the Filemaker Bible - type books. That's where I started learning.

Also, if you're in Northern California (Sacramento) area, there are several of us nearby who can offer assistance

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I bought John Osborne's videos and I was really impressed. You get to do a hands-on solution while you are learning and progressing through the levels.

There are several good books out there also. I recommend any or all of the following: Using FileMaker 8, FileMaker Pro 8 Bible, FileMaker Pro 8 The Missing Manual and FileMaker 8 Functions and Scripts Desk Reference

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This topic is 5567 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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