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FileMaker Web Wiki (FMWebWiki)

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Dear All,

Attached is a file that i have spent alot of time on called FMWebWiki. (zip file attached below)

It is a simple to use WebViewer HTML generator.

It is tested on the Mac although I have tried to put support in for the PC.

I consider this an Open Source Project and hope that you will benefit from it as it has alot of potential to add webviewer functionality.

My hope is that others will post additions to the file to assist with the growth of the project.

There is no password set on the file although it loads Custom Menus ... so you will need to load the FileMaker Menu to edit the file (under tools)

I look forward to any contributions and comments,



You need 8.5 to use this file



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Thanks Stephen glad you liked it :

Hi Daniele,

Issue 1 on the path to resolving this is that IE will only accept a url up to 2083 characters ... think you posted this to me on another topic.

Now page 2 is definitely less than 2083 characters and you mentioned to me that it does not work either.

Could someone post an About: URL that works on their windows PC for me to look at 9maybe say if your 2000 XP or (Vista). Simple or complicated is fine i just want to check the basics.

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