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Open Script "my records" help request

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I'm sure someone has done this before but i would appreciate any guidance on this.

I have created a fm database in which all users assign tasks and notes to one another.

How can i create an open script that will send users to an intro layout with a summary of only their tasks.

Right now everyone logs in and has to fish through all the recodes to find their own.

I can set up a sort but, how do i create a "found set" based on the user account name? That would hide everyone else's records.

As always, i appreciate any advice.

Thanks FM Pros

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I did this very (sort of) thing with a recent database. I created an expense report that is company wide. 25 users and noone should be able to see anyone else's (except management and admins).

I made a script that when the file opens it searches based on the get(accountname) and only shows those records. This way you avoid the ugly <> on the records they shouldnt be able to see.

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Thank you guys for your advice.

However i am still unclear as to how to script a find records statement? i must have tried this 50 different ways. DO i need to set a variable? if so, i must not be using it correctly because i have no user named $user.

All my records have the creator's account name filled in automatically, have for months now. I understand that is where to start.

I wanted to avoid using privilege sets to control security and access to the records because most of my users have completely different security levels and many of them can view tasks other than their own.

So far i have created an intro page that enters in find mode (even though you can't tell) there is only one field that says "please verify your account name" once the user enters in their name appropriately, the user see a button to continue once pressed they go to a new layout where they can then see all of their records and enter in to their maintenance and start working.

It works but its rather redundant, i know there is an easier way to do this

I am sorry if i don't completely understand as scripting in NOT my strong point.

Any additional help would be very appreciated.

Thanks again,


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This topic is 5792 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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