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Why FMStudio?


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Ok, I'm new to Filemaker so please forgive any stupid questions! These are questions about FMstudio, FX.php, and the Filemaker API.

As I understand it FMStudio integrates FM with Dreamweaver. Which is cool...but.... any completed project still needs FMSA to serve the data so you are still limited to the 100 users that FMSA allows?:o?

If so this is really a tool for someone that wants to integrate FM into their website instead of using IWP??? If that is the case wouldn't it be easier to just use IWP with an auto login Iframe in your website?;)

The reason I am asking these questions is I like the FM features and ease of use but can't see building a solution that is limited to 100 users. While I don't have 100 users now at any point in the future when/if I do I will have to totally rebuild the solution in a different package. Am I missing something here???

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Greg,

Thank you for your question. This topic is indeed very very confusing to new users and experienced users.

First, you are not limited to 100 users with FX.php or the new API for PHP. You are limited to 100 simultaneous request at the same time. You can have thousands of people on your website. But only 100 of those indivdiuals may make a request from FileMaker at the same time.

FMWebschool is completely run by FileMaker and PHP and many times we have hundreds of people on our websites. It is only when a request is made of FileMaker that it is considered a connection. And that connection is not held (like it is in IWP) the connection is made and then immediately dropped.

IWP cannot compete with Custom Web Publishing in any arena.

Also, there is ServerLite which allows you to build and design sites without FileMaker Server Advanced.

Also if you do not want to pay the cost of FileMake Server Advanced, you could always use a great FileMaker hosting company!

Feel free to ask us who we recommend!

In Kindness

Stephen Knight


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This topic is 5739 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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