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Using CDML with FileMaker 7-8.5 (Do you want this?)


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Would any of you be happy if you could use CDML flawlessly with FileMaker 7-8.5? You could upgrade your sites to 7 or 8, and the CDML would continue working. You can program with the same CDML code as before. Nothing has really changed, except CDML now works with the current versions of FileMaker.

* You would have to have FileMaker Server Advanced, or use a FileMaker hosting company with server advanced.

* We developed a solution called BlackBelt that works flawlessly. We've beta tested numerous CDML websites, simple to complex. All work perfectly with 7 - 8.5. BlackBelt also enables you to use the new FileMaker API for PHP on your pages as well. So you can mix CDML and PHP. This is great for those of you wanting to slowly move from CDML to PHP.

Now the question. Should we make this product available to the public? Would you like to continue to use CDML with FileMaker 7-8.5? Please email me and let me know. If so, I will make the Software available tomorrow.

Please feel free to email me back channel with your thoughts, or discuss it here. I am interested in all sides of the topic.

In Kindness

Stephen K Knight


800.353.7950 / 386.453.5843

FMWebschool, we bring the web to life


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Hi Stephen,

I could see this as a possible benefit for those that are astill on FM5.5/6 and are afraid to move to FM7/8/8.5 because they are afraid of learning CWP & XML. I do know of some people taht even though I have encouraged them to migrate over to FM8, they will not because they have been comfrtable with the ease of using CDML. So IMHO, yes I do think it may be beneficial to the community.

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Hi Stepehn!

I would very much like to have the possibility to use CDML with FMP 8. I still have several CDML-sites not transferred to FMP 8 of which some are fairly complex and will take a lot of time to convert. As a result I have had to double my server setup to allow for both FMS 5.5/6 and FMS8A web-published databases. If your solution would make it possible to mix PHP and CDML it really would shine! I´m definitly going to try it out when you make it available.

Best Regards

Kjell Nilsson



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CDML BlackBelt Q & A

We received quite a few questions about our new CDML solution affectionately named "BlackBelt".

I will do my best to answer all of the questions here.

1. First when will BlackBelt be released?

BlackBelt will be released on Monday, February 26.

I will launch a live CDML website over the weekend driven by FileMaker 8 and CDML.

2. How much will BlackBelt cost?

We will offer a special for $149.00 after the special, the cost will be $199.00. The special will include our updated book CDML In 8 Hours Version 2.0. http://www.fmwebschool.com/blackbelt.php

3. Do you have to have Server Advanced?

Yes, either you, or the FileMaker hosting company you are using to host your database files. We are currently working with a FileMaker hosting company to offer special pricing for BlackBelt users.

4. Do you get the performance benefits using FMSA and CDML as you would using FMSA and PHP or Lasso?

Yes indeed! There is little overhead from the API and the BlackBelt engine.

5. Do you sleep?

I am thinking about getting some sleep in a few months, perhaps after Devcon

6. Can I use my same CDML code?

Yes, there are a couple "very small" changes that will need to be made depending if you are using Apache or IIS.

Examples: Static pages now have to link to the FMPro.php file instead of FMPro

Form action attributes should now also link to "FMPro.php" or "FMPro.php?"

7. Does PHP have to be installed?

Yes. The wonderful thing about BlackBelt is you will now have the opportunity to code with CDML and with PHP. So, you get the best of both worlds. This is also a great opportunity to slowly learn and even migrate some sites to PHP.

8. What learning resources will be available?

CDML In 8 Hours version 2.0, Online Movies, BlackBelt Documentation with sample CDML files and Database files.

9. We want to license several copies of BlackBelt

We will have multiple version licenses available at reduced rates

10. Can we pre-purchase BlackBelt?

Yes, BlackBelt can be pre-purchased by calling our (800.353.7950) number. Pre-purchasers will receive and additional 10% off the cost of BlackBelt. http://www.fmwebschool.com/blackbelt.php

11. Where can we find more information on BlackBelt?

I will post an announcement this weekend that enables you to watch the movies, visit the sample site, and read documentation.

Thank you once again for your questions and insights! We look forward to giving CDML back to all of you!

In Kindness,

Stephen Knight

FMWebschool Inc.

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You are SHITTING me! I want this, and I want it NOW!

I am currently running a Webstar front door in front of filemaker 5 unlmtd on a second box, using the FMWebserver connector, all CDML solutions. Both are OS9,2. It seems that newer versions of the Java browser plugin (IE only I think) are not playing nice with the FMWSC and causing it to take the database out of service for some random period of time, ~30min, then restoring the database. This problem seems to have no solution. I have got research studies going on and this problem is costing me 100s of participants. I must either bypass the front door, which means bypassing my security, or transfer about 10 solutions to FMSA8 which I have barely gotten installed, let alone learn how to program in XSLT. Do I want Black Belt? I am on my knees, give me a beta. HELP A BROTHER!!!!!

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I'm here to help a brother out : We released BlackBelt today! http://www.fmwebschool.com/blackbelt.php

We have received hundreds of emails from FileMaker developers estatic over the release of BlackBelt. One individual offered to babysit my children for life : I'm going to hold them to this promise!

BlackBelt will simply enable you to continue using CDML with FileMaker 7 and 8 and FileMaker Server Advanced 7 and 8. To see a FileMaker site running with CDML and FileMaker 8 checkout: http://blackbeltdemo.pointinspace.com/

In Kindness

Stephen Knight


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This topic is 5692 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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