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Removing a record without removing it

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I'm working on a database for my babysitting company. In this example, there are three tables. Client, Job, ClientsChildren. I want a portal listing ClientsChildren for the Job. That's easy enough. But I want to be able to remove ClientChildren from the job with a script, without removing the ClientChildren from the client. So far if I delete row from a ClientChildren portal in the job layout, it removes the child completely from the database.

A real life example: The Johnson's have three kids: Jimmy, Timmy, and baby Claire. For this hypothetical job, the sitter will sit for Jimmy and Timmy, but the Johnson parents will keep baby Claire with them. In the jobs layout, I want to be able to click a button to remove baby claire without removing her as a child of the Johnson's.

Can anyone suggest the solution?

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You can have a field that stores the ClientsChildrenIDs for each job.

For example, if for job 1, you are going to watch Child 1,3,4 but not 2, the text field would store it as 1¶3¶4 or represented in your field:




Then this will match only those 3 out of 4 children. When you choose a client for a job, you can have a portal display all the children for that client. Then with a button, you can run a quick script that adds that childID to the field for a particular job.

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