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Tab Panels In List View

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Solution: Tab Pannels In List View

Description: Adding more data than fits in a row in a list view you can cycle more columns of data also toggle down a detail pane for even MORE data.

Uses tab objects and the 9 trick of using 0 margin and 0 pen tab panels.

Working Under:

Solution Status: Beta


Author(s): Ocean West

Date: 09/15/07

Inspiration: ericp from TechNet

Instructions / Other Info:


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This is awesome. Actually the inspiration was that items on the tab don't actually have to be on the lower tab area, they can be over the top of the tabs. I've attached an example of how it works just fine even without making the tab labels so small you can't see them.

It opens up some interesting design ideas by incorporating items to the right of the tabs. in the space that seems unusable.



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