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Type ahead or Spotlight-like Searching

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oakbridge    0

I'm looking for a method of turning a field into what I call a 'type ahead' field. I'm creating an invoicing system and we're converting a user over from Quickbooks (for many reasons, including multi-user).

One of the things that the client wants is the ability to type into either the part number field and/or description field during invoice entry and have the system start to create smart matches, similar to the way that Spotlight will start to filter search results more with each character entered. Not sure where I would place the results. In Quickbooks, it keeps it right in the same field with an arrow beside it to allow the user to see a drop down.

Is this possible in a FileMaker field?

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Lee Smith    147

The Script Triggers is not available in version 8

I don't have v8 on this computer, so I can't verify if the "Auto Complete" is available in it. You can check this by Right Clicking the field in Layout Mode, and then selecting "field setup" and then checking the box (located towards the bottom of the dialog box).



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