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Originally posted by jepar:

I run FMPro unlimited AND FMPro Server on the same box and it just rocks.

THERE ARE NO RULES except: do you get the performace you need?

There is one issue, to get the best performance, each one needs to be the foremost application. Obviously this cannot happen.

However, if you like the performance you are getting, then all the best to you!



Kurt Knippel


Database Resources




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If you like two 500MHz servers with a TCP/IP stack in between, then it's great. But just think that for the same price, you can run a dual 867MHz! I did a benchmark and with the specs above: it is 75% faster on the dual-processor machine.

The info about "frontmost application" is just b/s. Just nice (service) the two applications. Did you know tha "manframe" servers do run everything on the same "box"?

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Originally posted by captkurt:

There is one issue, to get the best performance, each one needs to be the foremost application. Obviously this cannot happen.

Not on Mac OS smile.gif" border="0 Server is faceless service on PC. On the other hand why server and Unlimited? Only if server is serving network of Clients and also Unlimited for HTTP access. PCs are datacrunching machines and if data are OK and not being corrupted, power of current machines and OS will yield great throughput for FileMaker.

Anatoli loyal Apple and PC user smile.gif" border="0

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Why both? Simple because I have many power users with fat clients and data entry or remote folks with browsers! You see, server has more options to manage connexions that regular FM PRO.

Have you tried it on OS X? Can you nice the two?

JF loyal MAC, PC & LINUX user!

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This topic is 7087 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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