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Keyboard shortcuts for tab panels

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Is there a way in FM10 (or 9), windows platform to move between tab panels with a keystroke.


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With 10:

1) give an object name to any tab ( name as a, b, c ... )

2) write down this script ( "Move to Tab" )???

If [ IsEmpty ( Get( ActiveFieldName ) ) ]

Go to Object [ Object Name: Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) ]

Exit Script [ Result: 0 ]

End If

3) While in Layout Mode, go to:

Layouts >> Layout Setup... >> Script Triggers

and choose the event: OnLayoutKeystroke to fire the script "Move to Tab"

Now, if you hit the "a" key , you'll go to the first tab, the "b" key, you'll go to the second tab ... and so on.


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