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asp.net to Filemaker

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So I'm wondering if / why there are not many people doing this. If I have a FM database and I'm a decent .Net programmer, why not just set up an ODBC connection to the data base and start coding? Are there limitations that FM imposes?

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You'd have to set up the ODBC/JDBC drivers on the client and create a DSN (although it might be possible to do a DSN-less connection to FMS, haven't figured that one out yet).

Using fmDotNet gets around that requirement since it requires no setup on the client side. fmDotNet uses the FMS XML interface so it also allows for scripts to run on FMS which is not possible with ODBC.

But other than that both ODBC and fmDotNet are valid choices and it depends on both the developer skills and the project requirements which one is best.

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