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I have created an online DB using CDML. One of the problems I faced was, the Filemaker URL was showing up in the address window. This would show important info that only authorized personel should see. I solved it by using a frame to mask the address. Works like a charm.

However I have two other major security dilema's:

1 - The pages were caching causing some of the info not to update. It was also wrecking havoc with the scripts and tracking system I created. I put the no cache meta tag into the each page. This only worked for some. Is there any way to get the pages not to cache?

2 - I also discovered that the browsers history was recording pages of info. If you shut down the browser, turn it back on and use the history to go one of the pages, it shows all the info. This is a major security problem, if anyone else sits there they can see the info. Is there someway to avoid this?

If someone could get back to me ASAP, that would be great.


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Originally posted by garrycl:

The problem now is that the page source can be viewed and the form content seen.


1. Frames

2. Chromeless windows

3. disable the "right-click"

and user will have difficult task to break in.


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This topic is 7739 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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