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web companion problems

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I have got a database published via the Web Companion. All the user does is

view and add entries. The database should be online 24/7.

However, every couple of days Filemaker seems to freeze. Suddenly the pages

published by Web Companion aren't available anymore on the internet. If I

check the server that is running it, Filemaker is still on, but I have to

restart it to get the pages back up again.

Any idea what the problem could be? Would you suggest to use a different

method but Web Companion to communicate with the site?

Thanks for your help.

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Yeah... check the version and patch level of your copy of FMP. Note that there is ofen a *separate* updater for Web Companion: the last patch for FMP5 is v3, but the last updater for WC is v6.

Also check your Operating System for bugs.

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I am using Filemaker Pro 4.1 on a Macintosh G3 with Webstar Server installed as well. These are pretty much the only two applications running on the computer.

I don't think it's the 10 user limit causing the problem, as I am the only person at the moment using the database. It is still about to be published, but I want to get rid of that bug before it's out and about.

You think there are still some patches for version 4.1 around?

The thing is that I do have the same software on a second computer, doing pretty much the same thing just with a different database and it works fine, so far. The only difference is that I'm not using Webstar on that computer but Apple Web Publishing. Do you think the problem could be lying there?

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This topic is 8362 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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