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Web Authoring Software for FileMaker

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Can anyone recommend web authoring software that is particularly well-suited for use with FileMaker? I want to create a web site that, among other things, uses FileMaker's layouts and allows data entry. I think I'm going to need more than what the web companion provides. I'm on the Windows platform, using FileMaker Pro v5.03. I have a copy of Adobe PageMill v3.0, but it doesn't seem to have any obvious close ties with FileMaker. I'd welcome any advice. I'm moderately capable with FileMaker, but a raw beginner with web publishing. Ultimately, my site will not be hosted on a Mac.

Thanks, Keith Silva

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(please note we are talking custom web publishing it's much better than instant and you have complete control over your web apps.)

Two issues here.......

you say you are going to need more than the web companion provides............well I would learn CDML first use Web Companion and then decide.............if your sure then your other option is Lasso Web Data Engine.

This is a plugin for your webserver which sits in between the web server and Filemaker Pro on the webserver box (I use Lasso in conjunction with Web Companion on a RAIC).

Lasso gives you more tags and functionality than Web Companion but it isn't free! visit http://www.blueworld.com for prices

Lasso also has a plugin available for Dreamweaver and Golive to make things much easier (I don't use them but I enjoy coding by hand) it also comes with a free app called FMLink which is very good and saves me making a lot of typos! .

"I want to create a web site that, among other things, uses FileMaker's layouts and allows data entry"......

If you decide to stay with Web Companion (I would for now until you find out exactly what it can do for you) I think you can still get Claris Homepage which has a database of CDML tags and help files......there are also a few good books out there for beginners I would seriously recommend getting one of these.

as for using filemakers layouts.......HTML is rather limited in relation to page layout (it's getting better with layers, style sheets etc but these aren't always supported by older browsers) but you can make pretty good facsimilies of the layouts. Setting up web pages and database for dataentry is easy with CDML and LDML (Lasso version).

Good luck!

laugh.gif" border="0

PS wots wrong with hosting on a Mac? They were built for it after all!

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The best tool that I know of for grapically editing web pages for FileMaker is Claris HomePage, which used to be published by FileMaker, Inc. when they were Claris Inc. Unfortunately, I don't think they offer it anymore. It recognizes FileMaker tags and also has a few wizards to help you build simple sites. Check around the used software web sites to see if you can find a copy. You want version 3, which I believe was developed for both Mac and Windows.


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I am programming in FileMaker around 10 years now.

4 years ago I've started using GoLive for HTML authoring.

3 years ago I made first attempt to manually write CDML tags in GoLive and I made several sites with those tools since then.

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I'd suggest going the Lasso (LDML) route, as it provides a more robust implementation, as well as many additional functions.

Lasso Studio is available for both GoLive and Dreamweaver. It does two things for you:

1 - It includes a 1 user license of the Lasso Web Data Engine, to allow you to test your Lasso code locally, without having to upload it to a server running the Lasso Web Data Engine first.

2 - It provides graphical representations of Lasso tags, as well as Wizards for setting up various sites without having to code at all.

Have a look at: http://www.pointinspace.com/lassostudio

- John

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This topic is 8348 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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