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Problem with submit in a form on an imac.

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I have a bit of a strange problem. One of my pages enables you to log into a portfolio service, these details are checked against a FileMaker database. The problem I am having is that a few clients are using iMacs and are unable to access the service, they enter there client code and password and the machine just sits there. They say this happens on the secure and non secure link. The strange bit is they can access the sample data and as far as I can see the coding is the same. All the complaints so far have come from Internet Explorer users.

We have no iMacs in the office so can't test it. The only problem I have come accross is with Internet Explorer 4.5 with the secure link, it claims that the certificate has expired when in fact it doesn't expire until latter this year.

If any you have an iMac handy and have time could you please try the portfolio service and let me know your findings.

Many Thanks

Here are the loggin details.


Username: clia19

Password: 41251

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I have not had any problems accessing WC (my sites are served from G4's!!) or security certificates with any of my iMacs. I run nearly all available browsers for testing and as long as you've got SSL enabled in the prefs there are no problems (apart from the really old ones for obvious reasons). I cant access your site at the moment (DNS error, site unavailable) but I'll try later and let you know if I can access it. It's hard to say, without stabbing in the dark, what might be wrong without seeing it.

If your site works on other machines/browsers the problem is most likely to be at their end but try and tell them that!!! ("but our machines work on everything else" they say!!) wink.gif" border="0

After all FMPro was originally a Mac program!

good luck

laugh.gif" border="0

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This topic is 8330 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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