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field suddenly not showing up on a report


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I have a database that was showing a field in the report, but suddenly it will not display it. It has information in the field and it is there in the layout of the report, but will not show up in the report suddenly for some reason. The field that is causing trouble is the one labelled description. I have tried deleting it and reinserting it and still does not work. I made sure it was to the front in case something was hiding it. Any help on why it will not show up is greatly appreciated as I am sure I didn't change anything on the field. 





sorry forgot to put that it is the crowd report that is having this problem

Crowd (8th edit)-5.fmp12.zip

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The file you sent over only had one record with the description populated.


That being said, take a look at the anchors of your Description field. It is set to align to the top-left. The rest of your fields do not have anchors set up. This will cause the Description to be separated from the rest of the pack.


I hope this helps.

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jlamprecht thank you.. I should un align it as it seems to go off to the left rather then where I want it to, thanks for spotting my stupid mistake... very much appreciated... think I need some sleep I had been looking at it for ages wondering why it was not underneath properly.

Hi Lee


jlamprecht sorted my mistake for me, it was the description field, I had some how aligned it without releasing so it was not where it was meant to be. thank you for your help Lee. this is a great forum for helping me and learning more about my mistakes and filemaker pro.


thank you

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Lee Smith

what you might know is can you put two sub summaries under each other in a report, I am trying to get the crowd report to go in date order, then to go in unit order, so I can put in a banner that shows the unit then displays all the scenes for that date and unit... 


ie. date banner

     main unit banner

     lists all the scenes on that date for main unit as you see them in the current report

     second unit banner

     lists all the scenes on that date for second unit as you see them in the current report.


I thought I could have another sub summary like the date one I have and put unit. but nothing showed up, so I am not sure how to get it to display this way.


was i heading in the right direction, or this is not possible the way I was doing it?

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Not a stupid mistake at all. I do the same thing frequently as well, especially when copying objects and forgetting they pass on their anchor attribute.


As for the sub-summary part, are you sorting by the field specified in the part? The sub-summary part will only show when you sort by the field you specify. 

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What I am trying to do is have it where it lists it by date as it currently does, but then within the date lists it by unit, at the moment it just displays it the order it is imputed in the database. What I want to do is work out the unique character totals for each unit each day, as you can see currently it has unique character count for all the units, I have a code that will work it out but it will put it in each scenes section, but if i put it currently in the sub section it will only work it out for main unit. 


I had thought maybe I could have a sub summary how it is now by date, then have one underneath by unit, so it has a sub heading main unit, lists all the scenes with their charters for that day and unit. At the top of each sub summary of units it listed the unit and the unique characters for that unit.


does this make any sense at all??





I had put one sub summary as it is showing now, then did another one with it selected as unit rather then date... but nothing happened.. nothing showed up at all.. should i do it again and show you on here, so you can see where i was trying to head??

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I tried going through your solution to understand what you were doing. I think I may be misunderstanding what is exactly going on with some of your calculations:


Unique Character Totals comes up with 690 for August 26, 2014. This seems like a lot of unique characters for a single scene. Can you expand on these calculations?

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yes that one for some odd reason should be 685, it is the only one that will adds up wrong.. 


When it says unique characters, it does not mean every time a new type of character is listed, it means man days. I would need to know how many crowd I have in on that day, so we know the space is large enough we have enough hair and makeup and costume people. Sometimes on one day we might reuse characters in another scene, but of course I don't want it to count them twice, otherwise it looks like I have more people in then I do, so it works out the max number of people for each character. 


So what I wanted to do is now improve on the crowd report and not only have it in date oder, but under each date have it grouped by unit.. 


Let me upload the latest one I have.. the unit day report shows you how I have worked out the unique man days for each unit as a one liner, I am trying to get something similar in the full breakdown. 


So at the moment the crowd report look like this


Monday 26th August      300       London

Scene and set                 xxx        lists all the characters for that scene and how many


repeats all scenes for that day


What I want is


Monday 26th August       300  (how many main)  then (how many 2nd)    London

Main unit                          

Scene and set                   xxx     lists all the characters for that scene and how many


lists all the scenes for main unit

2nd Unit


Does the same as above but only for second unit


does this make more sense now???



Crowd (9th edit).fmp12.zip

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