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Default to a different font

"... you mean these fans?"

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I have a customer who has requested a default font across their solution layouts.


Now I've tried to default Filemaker's Font in the past … unsuccessfully I must add; but since I was the only one interested in doing that, I just accepted whatever Font Filemaker provided.  Which is perfectly fine for me.


However, I am trying to understand why I can not set a default "Font" to a solution file even after reading this link ...




I am I missing the secret decoder ring ??


I can understand when a "THEME" is applied, that whatever is the "THEME Font" is the default … makes perfect sense.


However, when I remove the "THEME" by clicking on the "Remove All Style From One or More Objects" Style Theme box the "FONT" defaults to "Verdana".


Even after changing the "Font" in the Filemaker "Preference" pane and restarting the file.


My customer wants "Georgia" to be the default 


Any assistance in this matter I would be grateful.


Thank you



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The preferences you are looking at refer to what FileMaker will use as the default font when you CREATE a file.  Unfortunately you cannot change the default font of a file after it has been created.


You used to be able to change the default font for a layout by changing selecting a font while you do not have any objects selected, but it seems that we no longer have the ability to do this.


So it seems that your only solution is to use Themes to control the fonts in v12 and 13.


v12 has the Remove All Styles button which exposes the default font.

v13 is missing the Remove All Styles button, so I believe you must really completely on Themes.

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IIUC, all you need to do is to Create a Custom Theme applying the different styles you desire, including the Fonts and and then apply your Custom Theme to your current databases.


I’ve seen a  couple of videos that walk you through this procedure.





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Brian C.


Thank you … I created another file with "Georgia" as the default in the "Filemaker Preferences" and amazing.  Upon opening the File, the default is available when I remove the "STYLE" this is good news.  So I created a layout using "CLASSIC", since there is no "STYLE" and sure enough, the default "Georgia" is the default "FONT" in the selection box ... YES!!! both Objects and Text :-)  So Happy!!!


Thank you.


Lee - I've located the css file in the Resource folder and it looks like the font resides in only one css file.  If this is correct, then, according to YOUTUBE I can copy the folder, rename it to: Theme 2, change the font to "Georgia", and I should be done.


Any insight with this folder coping ??? According to a YOUTUBE video, not sure which one now, I will have to go back and re-listen but if you place the "Copied Theme" in this other "Theme" folder that is within the Filemaker Folder as well somewhere, I'll have to go back and listen to the YOUTUBE video, the copied THEME will not be removed if Filemaker is ever re-installed.  Again any insight with the css file I would be grateful.


Again, Thank you Brian C. Thank you Lee

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This topic is 2595 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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