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FileMaker Server 13 and OS X Mavericks Server with Contacts/Calendar

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I've been tasked with setting up FM SERVER 13 at our office. We already have a Mac Mini running 10.9.5 Server with the following services:

Calendar (8008, 8443)

Contacts (8800, 8843)

File Sharing (548)

Time Machine

VPN (various ports)


I've been told that I must use a separate machine to run FM Server 13. We happen to have a good Mac Mini i5 for the job so this is not a problem. So I'm going to install it on that.


My question comes down to the ports FMS needs to use which are 80 and 443. Do I need to be concerned with port forwarding of these ports? Do they both need to be forwarded to the FMS box?

If so won't that affect other services on the OS X Server?


I have to keep Contacts/Calendars running with out any issues.




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Depends if you want to have FileMaker or WebDirect available for users outside of the firewall. Port-forwarding 80 and 443 is not necessary if you don't.

If you do need FileMaker Pro but no WebDirect you could suffice without 80 or 443 and only forward 5003. However this could interfere with container downloading.


In most cases using a VPN for outside access is preferred though. In that case you wouldn't need to forward any ports.

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This topic is 3188 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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