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Configuring Go for intermittent iPad use

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Hi -- I have a situation I would think is pretty common that I hope I can get some 'best practice' guidance on.


I am creating an FM Go iPad solution for an existing database used in a local setting -- that is, the iPad will access the file via wifi via the 'Macintosh.local' host, with the file open on a nearby desktop (not using FM Server).


The solution is working well, but the problem we're having is that the nature of the work being done with the iPad is that workers will enter some data, set the iPad aside to do some more inspection work, then pick the iPad up again a few minutes later -- and its incredibly tedious to need to enter usernames and passwords every time the iPad goes to sleep and the Filemaker solution re-starts.


Is there any way of keeping the Go solution open despite these gaps in active usage?   I'd be open to an approach of having iPad users get access without needing a password -- but is there a way of doing this while at the same time having the solution password protected for desktop (non-Go)  access? I have the open script detect if the user was on iPad and route the user to the iPad start screen - -  but  I don't see a script step for "log in as. . . " that would log someone in without the user having to do anything, or even noticing?


I feel like maybe I'm missing something obvious, or not thinking about this quite right -- I can't imagine that people who use iPad on and off throughout their workday are having to re-log in dozens of times in an afternoon?


Thanks for any pointers!

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1. Make sure the ipad setting for auto-lock is NEVER.


2. Make sure not to close the ipad cover OR fold it back behind the device.  The magnets in the cover may activate the sleep sensor inside the ipad which will override the auto-lock setting.


Let me know if it doesn't work and you can run some ping tests to get into more details.



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On the hosted file, you can go to File->Manage…->Security and then go to the 'Extended Privileges' tab and for the entry called 'fmreauthenticate10' you can edit it to say something like 'fmreauthenticate3000', which will mean FileMaker Go clients will then only need to reauthenticate after 3000 minutes, rather than 10 as it is by default…..


There is an upper limit to the number of minutes which is, I think, 10080 minutes...


I've tested this setup using FileMaker Pro 13 on Mac OS X Yosemite and FileMaker go 13 running on iPad (4th Gen) running iOS 8 and it works great :-) … No need to worry about the iPad going to sleep….

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Hmm . . . from the opposite angle, all my files are password protected. When accessing hosted files from one of the protected machines in my office, Keychain handles the login. When accessing via FMGo an account name and password are always required which seems as it should be. The issue of an iOS device hibernating isn't a big deal for me since I tend to do a batch of work then quit. When I on occasion leave FMGo active and wake the iPad, FMGo attempts to reopen the files, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Somehow I doubt FMGo can override how iOS works. To me there's a huge difference between security on a desktop machine and security on a mobile device. Mobile devices are usually exposed to a greater number of possible threats. I say usually. There should be a setting in ios that allows for the type of usage needed by many mobile workers.

My two cents.


Just re read the preceding posts and realized it was a dual issue. If an iOS device is not password protected then there is no auto lock. Not that I recommend this . . .

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This topic is 2865 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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