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Portal Navigation Consistency 2

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No Access? Watch the preview video here. PortalNavConsistency_Pre.mp4
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By Matt Petrowsky

Using portals, for the purpose of record navigation, have their downsides. The most obvious of these, is the fact that portals reset when moving from one record to the next.

This can be disconcerting to the user who is familiar with user interfaces which do not "reset" your sidebar and seemingly adjust your selection.

In 2011 I showcased a solution to this problem called Portal Navigation Consistency.

With the release of FileMaker 12 and higher, the functionality previously covered had broken. Not only that, there were newer solutions made possible which allow for a less complex implementation.

Within this video, you'll not only find how to maintain the selection of your navigation portal, but methods for capturing details about the way a user is using the portals. You'll also be treated to a simple solution which will adjust your navigational portal no matter how the user navigates to the target record!


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Hi Matt,


I just tried your latest version and it's not working too well for me. (please see the attached video)


The scroll bar is jumping all over the place when I select a record in the portal. You show two methods in your video but in your demo file there appears to be just one method. Can you please upload an example of the other method so I can see if there is any improvement?




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This topic is 2870 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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