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Thanks for your replies

Yes I have found templates by searching Google but I was hoping that a fellow filemaker developer might have a better one.

I have a new client that wants a more extensive contract for the database I am going to create for him than what I normally use.

The client wants to be able to redistribute the database to affiliated organizations and I need legal jargon for "I still own this code and if you sell it to somebody else, I must also get paid". Normally I  just say that they are licensed to use it in their organization and cannot resell, reverse engineer or modify without my written consent.

I realize there is no standard document that covers everything, I was just looking for a starting point that I can customize for my specific situation.

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If this is something you actually care about, that is likely to happen, and involve more than $1,000 of revenue, you should consult a lawyer. I'm in the US, though maybe things are different in Canada.


Another option is to simply charge them a bunch more money and tell them they can do what they want with the system. Otherwise you'll need a plan for pushing updates and bug fixes to multiple clients, negotiating licensing terms (one time or recurring), etc etc.

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This topic is 2844 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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