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No way out of a 'No Access Page"

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My problem is similar to the one found here..



I've denied all but the Managing Director access to a layout holding the hourly rates of his employees. The problem is that when anyone without permission presses on the navigation button to access that layout... all they are presented with is a rather ugly blank page with the tiny words "No Access".... and no way to navigate back to where they came from without first quitting the database and logging back in again.


The above forum link offered the following two options which assume a knowledge I personally do not possess...

• You can use get ( PrivilegeSetName ) to check the privilege set name to determine the appropriate layout to go to.
• You can Go to the layout, use Get ( LayoutAccess ) to see if the user has access to the layout ( 0 = no access ) and then return the user to their original layout if they do not have access.
When I go to 'Manage Scripts' and start a new script... I see no options to add either "Get ( LayoutAccess )" or "Get ( LayoutAccess )".
A message stating that "you have no access" when someone without access presses the button or a 'navigation back button' for those who access the current "No Access" page/layout" would do, whichever is the easiest really.
Looking forward to wrapping this up as I have other issues pressing, thanks.




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If you dont know how to use Get (anything) to make navigation decisions in a script then you should probably grab the filemaker training series and work through it step by step.


Especially if your already denying users access via security settings and are encountering dead ends.


If then else branching in scripts is essential knowledge.



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Thanks all.

I've manage to deny access to viewing data in certain tables, thats enough for me right now as I have to move on, I have other pressing issues to deal with. I can spend a bit of time here and there educating myself on Filemaker in the near future, maybe I'll even sign-up to a short video course at Filemaker or Lynda.com.


Thanks for the comments, appreciated.

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This topic is 3131 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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