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Markdown Web Viewers

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No Access? Watch the preview video here. MardownWebviewers_Pre.mp4
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By Matt Petrowsky

It certainly would be interesting to know if more information is consumed via plain text in email, text messaging and e-books like PDFs and Kindle or via HTML on the web.

Of course, the format for the information doesn't matter as much as the content, but it sure is nice to be able to easily support a plain text format which easily integrates with the web's ubiquitous HTML. This is why Markdown was created.

Markdown, if you don't already know about, and use it, is a markup format which allows for converting plain text, which can still be read as plain text, into valid HTML.

Using it to compose content within a database, which may have anything to do with the web or even HTML emails, is just plain good sense.

The fact that integrating Markdown, within FileMaker, is so absolutely simple means you should start using it right away! In this video tutorial, I provide all the code and insight necessary to implement and use Markdown within any FileMaker database where you wish to have it. Markdown FTW!

External links

Markdown on Wikipedia Markdown-It Javascript Library on GitHub

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Hey Matt

Loved what you do. After watching the video, I wondered when people have or would use this technique. I hoped here might be a good place to have this discussion. One issue I have is a report body text (in a list view style report) not flowing across pages or when flowing cutting off text and wondered if a mark down approach would print this more appropriately. Gotta fly

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This would be better posted in the Feedback to the topic on ISO Magazine’s site.


In order for someone to be able to participate in a discussion here, they would have to be a subscriber to ISO Magazine and have viewed the video. 


ISO is a sponsor, but AFAIK they have never participated in the FM Forums. 

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This topic is 3110 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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