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[ANN] FileMaker Training classes in Montreal and Ottawa

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FileMaker Training classes in Montreal and Ottawa

Direct Impact, world-renowned for its certified FileMaker® developers, is pleased to announce its fall 2015 FileMaker 14 training schedule.
Our certified FileMaker trainers have the experience and skills to offer you quality, french training, for the market in Quebec and english training, for the market in Ontario. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to be trained in the company of an expert of the FileMaker platform.
Next training classes will be held on the following dates:
FileMaker Training classes in Montreal (in french)

Initiation à FileMaker 14 débutant - 9 novembre 2015
Développeur FileMaker 14 intermédiaire - 23 et 24 novembre 2015
Développeur FileMaker 14 avancé - 7 et 8 décembre 2015
FileMaker Training classes in Ottawa (in english)

Introduction To FileMaker 14 Beginner - November 2, 2015

Developer FileMaker 14 Intermediate - November 9-10, 2015

Developer FileMaker 14 Advanced - November 30-December 1, 2015
Sign-up now : https://www.directimpact.ca/en/filemaker/services/filemaker-training/

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