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Sharing the same file/database simultaneously

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Hi All

We have a recruitment databases across two files - 1 for our clients and 1 for our candidate. I recently found the RCC Recruiter template which should work great for both. 

It would be great if my colleague and myself could use the file at the same time (updating, editing etc) In the past we have just been using drop box however if we both have the same file/database open and one of us make changes data can be lost... whats the best way around this so we can both use the same file in real time and no date is lost




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The best solution is to use FileMaker Server.  If you don't want to spend money on a server hardware and FMS itself then host your database in the cloud and pay per user/per month.

You can also use a copy of regular FMP to act as a host (in what is called peer-to-peer sharing), but that is not very robust, does not allow for live backups and is generally tough to set up correctly if you are new to it.

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@comment  is correct, but the corruption is an issue when two people are opening a file from a single location, a shared folder on a local network. Dropbox is a little different, in that the two users wouldn't actually be opening the same file. Each would open up their own local copy of the file, and then when the file is closed, each file would be synced to Dropbox.

I'd do what @Wim Decorte suggested: host your file with a FileMaker hosting service. Most charge by the database, not by the user -- unless you're using FileMaker Go or Web Direct. But it sounds like you and your colleague each have FileMaker Pro, and if that's the case you're looking at $20-$30/mo. total.

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This topic is 2984 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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