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visual indicator on inactive tab

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I am building a layout with a tab control.  I would like to have a visual indication to the user if a tab has data in it, even if the tab is not selected.  For example, if a comments field on a comments tab is not empty, I would like to give the user an indicator that the comment exists when the tab is unselected. I know I can change the style of the tab individually, but can it be made conditional?

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Thanks, Lee.  You got me pointed in the right direction.  I used conditional formatting to change the tab text color to a highlight color with not isEmpty(theField), and then used GetLayoutObjectAttribute("theTab";"isFrontTabPanel") in a second condition to change the text back to the normal color when the tab was selected.  This combo got me the look I was after.

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Hi Doug,

If I’m understanding your reply, you're only wanting the tab to show a “Flag” until the user clicks into “the Tab” and then have the Tab change back to its normal color even if they take no action? 


I don’t mind, my file was basic concept to see if that was what Doug was looking for. BTW, the bottom tab panel is similar to your change. Only he wants the “Flag” only to show if there is text in Tab2.

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This topic is 1626 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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