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Mr. Daniele Raybaudi?

Steve Martino

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Where oh where have you been?

I've been on the various forums for a little over 4 years now.  Although I don't know anyone personally, I try to keep tabs on the people I find interesting, brilliant, helpful, and all around friendly.  When I don't see them on for a while, I try to reach out to them.  It kind of bums me out when people just disappear (which is their choice, of course).

I noticed Mr. Raybaudi, the parsing machine, and great with very hard abstract concepts, has been absent for quite some time now.  I had sent him a private message.  Does anyone have any info?  Haven't seen him post on any forums, no new custom functions.

Just wondering.....

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Did you try sending him a Private Message?

As I responded to your post the other day, he hasn’t visited this Forum since Oct last year.

He did respond to a Private Message I sent after the terrorist set off the bombs in Paris, to see that he and his family were ok, they are.

I don’t know if he is still doing FileMaker, but the last I talked to him, he was active in a French or Italian list.



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