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FM Client (regular or Advanced) under Windows 2012 R2

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Anyone had experience using the FM client under Windows 2012R2?  I have tried 14 and now 15 (both advanced) under 2012R2 and shortly after launch, the interface always begins to bog down very badly (within 5-10 minutes typically).  Popovers open painfully slow (5-8 seconds), button clicks take forever to register, flipping records is chore and even just tying in a field to laborius.  Basically anything involving the interface being updated is almost unusable.  Searches though are as quick as usual after the pain of getting through the interface is over.

Is this a known issue (haven't found any evidence of this) or has anyone else seen this behavior?



P.S. - this is not related to anything involving making FM available via Citrix.  As a server admin, I use 2012R2 as an OS for work reasons.

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Webko is correct.  I'm using it as a workstation platform for server management features.  One of the things I suspect may be causing the performance issues is my use of web viewers with scrolling marquee content as dynamic alert windows (record data inconsistencies, notifications to users for to-do tasks, etc).  I use quite a few of them and my solution is written such that there may be 5-10+ windows open for the database that each contain their own scrolling marquee web viewers.  HTML marquee code example:

"<html><head></head><body bgcolor=#4E3117 topmargin=0 leftmargin=0 rightmargin=0 bottommargin=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 style=overflow:hidden; border:0><marquee behavior=scroll direction=left><font face=Arial style=font-size:12px color=#EECD11>" & Substitute ( List ( cPersonal Messages ) ; "¶" ; "  ...  " ) & "</font></marquee></body></html>"

On other standard workstation OS clients (Win7, and 10), the scroller is quite smooth.  But on my 2012R2 workstation the scroller stutters quite a bit even during the best performance periods.  But, not sure if this is simply another symptom of the performance issue or perhaps a possible cause/contributor of the issues.

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This topic is 2217 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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