Trigger one File to create a new record in another file.

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I have searched everywhere and could not find something I could apply to do what I am looking for. 

I have a Fire Dept database that I manage, they have a table of "Event Reports" for each call.  Within our Fire Departments we have 14 towns that are part of a Mutual Aid Group which has a radio desk that manages large, multi resource incidents.  I would like to develop a database to help them manage the resources at the incidents since a handful of departments are already using the database solution I host for them on a server.  

I would like to create a script that copies the values in about 6 fields on an Event Report from a townships database and have a new record created in the Mutual Aid database and have those 6 values set into their respective fields?  

I understand the set variable and set field steps but spanning those from one file to another is not something I have done before.  

Any help would be really appreciated.   

Town Database the data is coming from.  

Event Report:Time

Event Report:Type of Event

Event Report:Full Address

Event Report:Township

Evnet Report:I.C.S. Officer


Mutual Aid Database the data is going to. 






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Hi there

If I were doing this, I would Perform a Script that exists in the Mutual Aid database, from the Townships database, and pass the information as a Script parameter, separated by carriage returns.

So in the Townships database you do something like :-

Perform Script (External Database: Mutual Aid DB ; Add Record Script ; ScriptParameter "Time¶Type Of Event¶Full Address¶Township¶ICS Officer ")

and then in the Mutual Aid DB, you would have a script like this :-

Add Record Script

Go To Layout (Data Entry)

New Record/Request

Set Field ( Township ; GetValue ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; 4 ) )

Set Field ( Address ; GetValue ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; 3 ) )

Set Field ( Time Start ; GetValue ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; 1 ) )


This should give you a new record with all the data copied across.

Does that help?

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Thank you very much.  I'm going to try that now.   

One thing I forgot, and was hoping I would have the ability to pass a pdf in a container field in the Township DB into a container field in the Mutual Aid DB.  Can I do that via a scrip parameter?



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Hi,  I tried a few things and I almost got it working, minus the container thing.  

The township script is triggering the new record script in the Mutual Aid database. :) 

The Mutual Aid Database is seeing the scrip parameter that I set but it isn't setting the fields with the values from the Township Database, it is setting the filed with what is actually typed in the scrip parameter calculation.  

How do I get the value in the fields to become the values in the scrip parameter?  


Thank You!. 


Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.30.30 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.28.50 PM.png

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Cancel That.   I had a dumb moment and forgot the ( & ) symbols in the calculation for the script parameter. 

Thank you. 



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