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WebAssistant Error Code List

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Hi, trying to get WebAssistant to work for submitting POST to a php form online.

Here's my statement:

Let ( setup = WAReset &

WASetInputValue( "username" ; LOCAL_USER_TABLE::userName ) &

WASetInputValue( "password" ; LOCAL_USER_TABLE::password ) &

WASetInputValue( "passwordc" ; LOCAL_USER_TABLE::password ) &

WASetInputValue( "email" ; LOCAL_USER_TABLE::Email ) &

WASetInputValue( "submit" ; "Register" )






And here's the Script:

set var $calc - (sets as let statement above)

set field (plugin_result) WAReset

set field (plugin_result_container) Evaluate($calc)

set field (plugin_result) GetAsText (plugin_result_container)

if (plugin_result = "ERROR")

Show Dialog - WALastError

else if (plugin_result = "?")

Show Dialog - EvaluationError ( Evaluate ( $calc ) )

I am getting error #1204 returning from plugin_Result="?", but I don't really have an idea on where to start my troubleshooting.

Any list of error codes or what exactly EvaluationError() and Evaluate() look for?


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Don't evaluate the calculation. That is a technique we use in the demo file so you can edit the text in each example and use it as a sandbox.

Set Variable [$post ; Let(...)]

If [$post = "ERROR"]

Show Custom Dialog [WALastError]

Else If [$post = "?"]

Show Custom Dialog ["The Web Assistant plug-in is not installed"]


Set Field [table_name::plugin_result ; $post]

End If

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      I have a client where we use the Base Elements plugin to transfer data to a web site.
      The web site developer has given us an API, and we use the BE_HTTP_PUT_DATA command for this purpose.
      This is used with FMS14 scheduled script.
      Results are MOSTLY successful. 
      However, occasionally the script will hang. We have put a time limit on the server schedule, and it is supposed to abort if the time limit is passed.
      Though the abort happens, it leaves the scheduled user running, and the only way to disconnect that "hung" user is to use fmsadmin restart fmse.
      After much testing, it appears that somewhere there is a 600 second limit.
      It looks like all instances of failure occur when it takes the web site longer than 600 seconds to return a result.
      Most results return in 530 seconds or greater.
      After emailing Nick Orr at Goya about this, he mentioned the curl option CURLOPT_TIMEOUT.
      The base elements plugin has a command, BE_Curl_Set_Option.
      I have found nothing anywhere in the system that declares this.
      I could try to use the BE_Curl_Set_Option command.
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    • By Timothy Ackerman
      Here's what I did.  I copied the Demo table, scripts, and even the layout items and pasted it all into my solution, which is called "Intakeform".  I related the Demo table to my main table by creating a field called personal_ID in the Demo table, and relating that to my Personal Info table via agreement_ID.
      What I'm trying to do is create PDFs on webdirect.  The only difference between what I'm trying to do, and the Demo database from 360Works is that I want to navigate to multiple layouts, save them all as PDFs and then append them to one PDF, and have it show up in the container field.
      I have that working in Filemaker Pro Adv, hosted remotely, and local to my machine.
      For testing purposes, I Filemaker Server running on my local machine.  I am planning to move it to my hosting environment at Foxtail tomorrow.
      When I click the button on webdirect, nothing happens.  When I click the button on Filemaker, it collects the layouts, saves them to PDF, and it shows up in the container field, without fail.
      I'm wondering if the problem is the port.  I am going to try to hard code that, instead of getting it from the port field in the Demo table.

      So this is what I am attempting:  hardcoding the port.
      Changed above IWP_Generate PDF script to hardcode port.
      RemoteScripterTrigger( Get(HostIPAddress) ; //We assume that FileMaker Pro client is running on the same computer as IWP, but this could also be the address of a separate processing computer
      7244 ; //Selected port number. Needs to match the port number that the plugin was started on in FileMaker Pro Client "param" //It is possible to put anything here, which will be sent to the script as a script parameter  )
      And then I'm restart the plug-in on localhost.
      timothy$ fmsadmin restart wpe -y
      timothy$ fmsadmin restart fmse -y
      timothy$ netstat -a | grep 7244
      tcp4       0      0  *.7244                 *.*                    LISTEN     
      Marthas-MacBook-Pro-2:~ timothy$ 
      Still no luck.
      Webdirect first click, nothing shows up.

      In filemaker pro, everything works as expected:

      Then in webdirect, we see the attachment in the container:

      I need to make this work in webdirect alone.
    • By Emil
      FileMaker 15  for FM GO
      Refresh Portal script step gives an Error Code "116 Layout object is missing"
      Thoughts?  Thank you!