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WebAssistant Error Code List

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Hi, trying to get WebAssistant to work for submitting POST to a php form online.

Here's my statement:

Let ( setup = WAReset &

WASetInputValue( "username" ; LOCAL_USER_TABLE::userName ) &

WASetInputValue( "password" ; LOCAL_USER_TABLE::password ) &

WASetInputValue( "passwordc" ; LOCAL_USER_TABLE::password ) &

WASetInputValue( "email" ; LOCAL_USER_TABLE::Email ) &

WASetInputValue( "submit" ; "Register" )






And here's the Script:

set var $calc - (sets as let statement above)

set field (plugin_result) WAReset

set field (plugin_result_container) Evaluate($calc)

set field (plugin_result) GetAsText (plugin_result_container)

if (plugin_result = "ERROR")

Show Dialog - WALastError

else if (plugin_result = "?")

Show Dialog - EvaluationError ( Evaluate ( $calc ) )

I am getting error #1204 returning from plugin_Result="?", but I don't really have an idea on where to start my troubleshooting.

Any list of error codes or what exactly EvaluationError() and Evaluate() look for?


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Don't evaluate the calculation. That is a technique we use in the demo file so you can edit the text in each example and use it as a sandbox.

Set Variable [$post ; Let(...)]

If [$post = "ERROR"]

Show Custom Dialog [WALastError]

Else If [$post = "?"]

Show Custom Dialog ["The Web Assistant plug-in is not installed"]


Set Field [table_name::plugin_result ; $post]

End If

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