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ron G

Export records into existing .fp7 possible?

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After a *lot* of climbing of the learning curve, I got my Import function to work. (thank you 360Works for ScriptMaster selectFile() ).

I figured I could write a similar procedure to 'archive'/export individual database records. So, I copied my original database (Members.fp7) and created (MembersArchive.fp7).

In my Members::Export Script, I selected MembersArchive.

When I opened MembersArchive there was all the data, but the Layouts, scripts etc have ALL been deleted. huh? It seems like Export isn't the way to go. It seems like Export is geared to sending .fp7 into spreadsheets etc. But, there is an .fp7 'type'?

Would I be better off if I would just OPEN Members.Archive and run an import script.

Is importing the only way to get a found set or a single record into MembersArchive.fp7???

Thank you

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Open the MembersArchive file and IMPORT the desired records from the Members table.

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Thanks. That's what I thought. Good to have the confirmation. Thank you.

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By the way, I need to import just the found set or just a single record (and it's related records). I didn't see any Import options that would apply these restrictions on the Source. Or, am I missing something?


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You will want to run a script in the archive file that goes to the source file and establish the found set before import.

Or just open the source file. Perform your find, then from the archive file, run the import. Filemaker will import based on the found set.

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What Ron said, but keep in mind that the source file must be open for this to happen. If it is closed, the target file will import all records of the source.

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What Ron said, but keep in mind that the source file must be open for this to happen. If it is closed, the target file will import all records of the source.

Ah ha!. That must be why I have so much trouble importing a found set. Thanks for the tip.

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