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FM developer wanted to create bookings-type database


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I have a UK-based client who is considering a FileMaker solution to handle bookings and billing. I have created some FM databases in the past, but I think this one is beyond my capabilities, so I'd be interested in anyone who would be able to take this on. Here's the situation (if you're interested, here's my client's website: https://weareccfm.com/):

My client runs some farmers' markets (around 10 markets at various locations), and they have around 200 producers who sell at the markets. The producers pay my client a fee to attend a market.

The markets:

These markets normally happen each week, but not always. The locations of the markets occasionally vary. The fee to attend each market is different (but does not vary over time).

Each market has various sizes of pitch where the producer can set up their stall. Prices vary depending on the size of pitch.

Each market has various types of produce available, e.g. Oval market might have 3 pitches for hot food, 6 pitches for vegetables, 4 pitches for meat, 8 pitches for crafts, etc.

The producers (market traders / stallholders):

There are around 200 producers.

Each producer sells a specific category of produce (vegetables, meat, hot food, coffee, crafts, etc. There are probably around 10 categories).

Each producer is allowed to attend only specific markets, for example Colin's Coffee (made up name) can only sell his coffee at Eltham and Streatham markets, every other week. These restrictions are to stop too many producers of one product attending each market (you don't want 5 stalls selling meat and none selling vegetables).

Some producers get a discount because they are regulars, selling great produce.

The database requirements:

The client would like the following process to happen, as automated as possible:

The client sets up all the producers in the database, along with which markets they can attend and when.

Each quarter (3 monthly), the db automatically emails out a link to each producer.

The producer clicks on the link which takes them to their custom FM web portal, where they can select which markets they want to attend. This portal/form is customised for each producer, only offering them the choice of markets which have been previously dictated, and the pricing is customised to them.

Once they've registered which markets they'd like, they click "submit" and those market options enter the database. If it's possible, it'd be fantastic to integrate an online payment system too, but that's not a priority.

The database keeps track of how many of each type of produce is registered for each market, and issues an alert if these parameters are exceeded (e.g. if four producers selling coffee register for the same market, or if no producers are selling vegetables).

My client in the office can also add details such as whether/when the producer has paid their fees.

The data can be viewed online (on iPads) by market managers, who attend each market. The main purpose of this is to check who has/hasn't paid and who owes what, so they can collect payment on the day and register this on the database.

The data can be analysed to find who's paid what, who's consistently late in paying, etc.


So, I'm interested to hear from anyone who would be interested in setting this up and an approximate cost for this.

Many thanks,


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This topic is 2792 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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