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A few screens back I thought I saw a tab for "help wanted" but can't find it now.  SO.... here's what I need

The files that I am now using in FileMaker are "clones" of ones from years ago.  For the most part, they function pretty well, but are associated by relationship links to files long gone.

I have four files which need work.

Philly Boat Show needs to be linked to New Boat Leads file so that when I begin to enter a new record, I can put in a number in the Company ID field and hit tab to bring over information from the leads file.

I need the same to be true between the 2017 VOSS and the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Leads file. 

I mistakenly thought that the first step would be to open the files and remove all the "table" and "relationship" links ... but this proved to be disastrous as all my data disappeared and I had to restore the files from my backups.

Is this enough information for you to estimate how much time would be involved in making these changes and to estimate a charge?  I have very little interest in learning how to do it myself, although I can follow directions.  When using FileMaker Help for instructions on achieving this, I'm lost practically before I begin.




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This topic is 2758 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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