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FileMkaer to PHP

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I am pulling data out of FileMaker 10 server to a web page and displaying numbers in a table, everything works great! until a number goes over 9,999.00 then it just doesn't display at all. Anyone have any idea what is causing this and how to fix it? I assume it would lay in my php code since the number 11,000.00 is showing in the database, just not in my table on the web page.

My code: <?php echo '$'.number_format(round($Number_row->getField('iAverage'),2),2); ?>

Any help would be much appreciated! 

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I figured it out, it seems Filemaker wants the straight number 10000 instead of entering 10,000.00. It shows the same in the database, but when carried over to the web page it doesn't.

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Hi Glasstrean,

version 10 lacks a lot of the finer formatting tools through the Inspector (introduced in version 11). Go to the Menu Bar >> Format >> Number and you will see the menu like the attached.



Format Num.jpg

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