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services wanted license issued with paypal

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Looking for someone who provide a step by step process to issue a license for a runtime after a paypal transaction. Something i can replicate with copy paste and a few changes in code following your instructions.

Prefer not installing on my webserver any additional software but open to using an api with a paid monthly service.

Also possibly the simplest way to populate a fmp basic contact us dbase without using iwp.   

None of this is active yet and likely will remain a manual process for now but trying to think ahead and have a solution in place.

I know there are alot of ways to integrate paypal i simply dont have the time to investigate what many of you have likely already integrated.

Minimal budget and will honor the easiest and lowest bid.

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      Question:  Where is the Paypal Sample file?
      A:  It will be released Thursday Nov 9th at the Webinar

      Question:  Is the Webinar going to be Recorded?
      A:  Yes.  It should be available approx 48 hours after Webinar is complete.

      Question: Is there a Cost to this?
      A:  No.  There is no plugin, and the Sample File is FREE. However, you will need FileMaker Pro 16 or Go 16

      Question:  Does Paypal Charge for this Service?
      A:  No, it is FREE.  Keep in mind that Paypal will charge approx 3% Credit Card Service fee on all Transactions.  This is typical on Credit Card transactions.

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