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How to remove comma if there is no phone number???

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    I have been assigned a job to update/fix some problems with a FM Database that was created years ago by someone else.  I have it all setup, except for one, simple problem.

In the layout, it is set to show a person's name, address, zip, state city and phone number.  The problem is that not everyone has a phone number listed.  So if they don't have a phone number, the sentence will end like this "Stephens, ."  If they do have a phone number it is, "Stephens, 544-545-5444".   Is there a way to remove the comma if they do not have a phone number listed???

Below is an exact copy of that data they have typed in.  They pull that data out of the database and then the piece of paper gets printed off.  The "," after the <<i_name>> is what is causing the problem (yes I enlarged it).

<<i_name>>, <<i_pobox>> <<i_city>>, <<i_state>>  <<i_zip>> OR DELIVER IN PERSON TO   <<i_name>>,  <<i_phone>>.

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Create a calculated field that is i_deliverTo =     

LastName & Case (Not isEmpty( Trim ( Phone ) ) ; ", " & Trim (Phone) ; "" )


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