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Peter Wagemans

Unknown Error: 2055

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Someone any idea why FileMaker does not know it's own error codes?


This happened when a customer with FileMaker 18 is trying to perform a scripted QuickFind. I cannot reproduce it.

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Probably an error reported by a plugin or something else that's not FM. Have you tried capturing details using Get(LastExternalErrorDetail)?

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Hi Olger,

No plug-ins, and as I mentioned, I could not reproduce it myself, so there is no way I can debug this. Just thought someone here would have a more intimate knowledge of Unknown Errors in FileMaker. Apparently and by definition, these things are just unknown errors, and should be accepted as one of the mysteries of life.

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Good catch. Thanks. The error number in the linked article is completely different. But I suppose the cause of the error has been unknowingly taken away - I will follow FIleMaker's lead here and call this  "Unknown Solution: 1001" 🙂.

Probably a whole bunch of errors with QuickFind haven't been mapped to text strings yet. Looking at the linked article, it seems to me that the QuickFind engine is still going through a number of changes throughout the versions of server and client and have as different behaviour on both on them. Good to know, even though I do not expect to code QuickFinds in FMSE.

QuickFind is very useable and therefore a great feature, but it still has a number of unresolved problems, which lead to this kind of trouble.

In current (v18) behaviour it is not possible to disable QuickFind for all elements in your layout by "Select All -> Disable QuickFInd", if they are embedded within other objects, they are ignored. I know you can disable QuickFind in the layout properties, but my point here is that developers do not expect FileMaker to ignore those extra fields, and since they are buried into other objects, this is hard to debug, and causes all kinds of problems with QuickFind. Increasing the problem, QuickFind has no "default field properties" behaviour, which makes every newly added field to the layout enabled for QuickFind. Which makes way to many fields enabled for QuickFind, as most mortal developers forget to uncheck the box.

11 minutes ago, Peter Wagemans said:

Good to know, even though I do not expect to code QuickFinds in FMSE.

That was a stupid comment. The OP said the QuickFInd behaves differently when the file was hosted ( by an FMS16 ) and that is not the same as a server side script, of course. It does maybe point to improvements and might work correctly when the file would be hosted by an FMS18.

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Here's another thread on this forum discussing QF issues (related to popovers).


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I am getting this error as well, but from a GTRR script step. I turns out the relationship was invalid as the field on the right side of relationship ( child ) was using an unstored calculation.

Hopefully, this is useful to someone.

Kind regards,




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Thanks for that Joost.

Now that we know these are QuickFind issues with improperly or unsearchable related fields, we can now help FileMaker turn there Unknown Error message into something like “QuickFind Error. Some related fields on this layout cannot be used with QuickFind.”.

They will be so happy when we bring them the news. Imagine making something, and having this weird error number from your search engine you just can’t get your finger on. I know I would be happy if someone told me.

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