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Enabling ScriptMaster plugin within filemaker Server

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When opining the FMS localhost I try to enable the ScriptMaster Plugin. 

For some reason I click to enable the plugin, I sometime been able to click on save sometime..

However, each time I close the host reopen the FMS localhost, the plugin is ALWAYS disabled.

Would someone have an idea?

With regards!




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Hello Daniel,

Could you first try restarting the admin server just in case it's an interface issue. Sometimes the admin console interface in FMS 16 is misleading and doesn't report information correctly. You can restart the admin server by running command 'fmsadmin restart adminserver -y' on the server where FMS is installed.

If ScriptMaster is not staying initialized, we'll need to diagnose what is causing ScriptMaster to shut down. If you open the admin console to find that ScriptMaster is not enabled, and restarting the adminserver doesn't change or you try to run a ScriptMaster function on server and it fails or returns a '?', grab the log file and attach it to this thread. You'll need to get that log file before reinitializing the plugin. You can reference our docs at the link below to locate that log.


The log file should be at the following path, relative to where FMS is installed:

/FileMaker Server/Logs/360Plugin Logs/360Works_ScriptMaster_Server.log

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Hello Daniel,

Are these the only logs in the ../360Plugin Logs directory? If so, could you please install the current store build of ScriptMaster on your server and restart the scripting engine(command: fmsadmin restart fmse -y). That may resolve your issue. If it does not, please locate the ScriptMaster log file at the path I specified above and send it to me.

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Hello Sean,

"Please install the current store build of ScriptMaster..."

What did I do ?

  1. Remove current build from filemaker extension (picture 1);
  2. Remove log files from filemaker server directory (picture 2);
  3. Open localhost to ensure the build was not shown under the plugin tab;
  4. Restarted computer;
  5. Executed "fmsadmin restart adminserver -y" (picture 1);
  6. Downloaded a new build from 360Work web site;
  7. Copied the new build onto the extension directory;
  8. Open localhost to enable the copied build.
  9. Went to Plugins tab to enable it. Each time I've clicked to enable it disable itself (Video 1);
  10. Tried to Save the the change.

I then went to locate the ScriptMaster log file at the path as specified under the instructions above and there no log files. The directory is empty. I am showing the log as presented under status when being in localhost (picture 3)




FMSPLUGIN - 1 restart fms.png

FMSPLUGIN - 2 log no log.png

FMSPLUGIN - 4 Status.png

Edited by DPaquin
Included the executed steps.

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      When opining the FMS localhost I try to enable the ScriptMaster Plugin. 
      For some reason I click to enable the plugin, I sometime able to click on save sometime not able.
      However, each time I go back to the FMS localhost the plugin is ALWAYS disabled.
      Would someone have an idea?
      With regards!

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