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EXTEND Find and Export

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Well I needed to create my own functions for FMPro because the find and the export functions are limited. I am wanting to export two different flat files for each search result...one with fewer records than the other and a sub search of that one...i ended up figuring it out, and have included the code below, if anyone could use it...I think that it came out very well...opinions???

tell application "FileMaker Pro"

set CDID_Box to display dialog "Please enter the desired CD to export:" default answer ""

set CDID to text returned of CDID_Box

show (records where cell "CD ROM Number" contains CDID)

set number_of_matches to count records

set target_file_name to

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Please don't post the same message to forum after forum after forum. I know you REALLY like this solution, but Ocean West has to pay for the storage space to host these multiple postings. -bd

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