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White background behind dialog

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Hi all

I have a customer list in a drop down. The drop down field has an On Save script trigger which then performs a find in the same layout for the selected customer. The drop down field is configured to 'go to next object using' return.

There is also an On Record Load trigger on the layout which pops up with a dialog if the customer's Attention field is populated.

This all works fine unless I utilise the option to save the drop down field with the enter button. It ends up looking like this, with the white background. Once the user clicks OK the layout 'appears'.






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We would probably have to see the whole script sequence and see where "Freeze window" is being used, what layout switches are going on etc.

My first reaction though: too many triggers.  Sounds like a workflow that can entirely be handled with regular scripts and card window instead of a value list.  It'll give you infinitely more control and fewer disconnected event handlers that need to all feed off each other.

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Very odd, it only happens with custom menu sets, even ones with the bare minimum elements and no keyboard shortcuts. If I use the standard one it doesn't.

The issue doesn't occur at all when I load the database locally, regardless of the menu set.

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I've attached a simplified version of this scenario.

There is now only one script trigger which is triggered when selecting from the drop down. It happens on the local version (not sure about hosted). The white background appears only when a custom menu is in place.


white background.fmp12

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Same behaviour on my usual PC but not my other. But then I've just tried my original file on my other PC and the issue doesn't occur! I can't work out the difference between the two.

Did you experience the issue yourself?


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