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I need to show "incomplete" text next to my job price total on my summary report when the "Job Price" field on the customer job ticket does not have a price,



in the Hide object when, I have: not isEmpty (JobPrice) but it's not working it only works for the fields that customers have no prices on the job ticket and I want it to show if any price is missing for the customer job tickets..







Hope I'm making my self clear, your help will much appreciated.

Sorry, I did not know how to insert images so I'm using my google drive links for the images.

Pio Soto


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Welcome to the forums i edited the post to make images show inline.

In your job table create a calculated field isIncomplete to IsEmpty ( Jobs::JobPrice) then in the parent custom table Create a isIncomplete  that is Sum ( jobs::isIncomplete )   then you will have a count of how many jobs have no price.  

Hide logic would hide isIncomplete = False   You could even add this number to your customer so you know how many items are incomplete.

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I don't really follow your description and this is largely a guess:

If you have a summary report of jobs grouped by customer, and you want to show your text when not all jobs in a group have a value in the JobPrice field, you need to define two summary fields:

  • sCountJob - Count of any field that cannot be empty (typically JobID);
  • sCountPrice - Count of JobPrice

Then set your text to hide when:

GetSummary ( sCountJob ; Customer ) = GetSummary ( sCountPrice ; Customer )

where Customer is your breakfield (the field you use for sorting the records and for the sub-summery part).


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Thank you guys for your help, the GetSummary is the one that worked for me, I really appreciate you guys taking the time to help.


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