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Hello Everyone,

I got this file which need to be imported into FileMaker, but getting error while importing as the format is in XML. 

It pops up XML/XSL import specific dialog and when I choose to continue, it shows an warning saying that "XML/XSL information is not enough to proceed with import/export."

Please help me to import this file or any other way to import this data into fields in FileMaker.

Thank you for your reply.


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Filemaker will import only XML documents that conform to its own FMPXMLRESULT grammar. Other documents must be transformed to the FMPXMLRESULT grammar using an XSLT stylesheet that can be applied during the import.

I have written a generic stylesheet for importing Microsoft Office Excel 2002/2003 XML documents into Filemaker. You can use this as your starting point. Eventually, you will be better off writing a custom stylesheet that fits your data - e.g. by converting dates to the format used by the target file.



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Thank you for your reply.

As I am new to FileMaker I did not understand how to create custom stylesheet XSL.

Please suggest me how to create that and where to create that.

Additional Question-

Is there any option to change the file format to a basic Excel file using FileMaker.

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XSLT is a programming language for transforming XML documents. It has nothing to do with Filemaker, except for one thing: Filemaker includes an XSLT processor that you can utilize when importing or exporting XML, either to transform the imported XML into Filemaker's grammar, or to transform the exported XML data into some other format.

To create/modify an XSLT stylesheet, you need to learn at least the basics of the XSLT language. Fortunately, for most of the tasks that you will come across when importing to or exporting from a database, the basics are all that you will need. That and a text editor: XSLT documents are plain-text files.


3 hours ago, Vishnu Yanala said:

Is there any option to change the file format to a basic Excel file using FileMaker.

No. As I already told you in another thread, Filemaker is not a file conversion utility. The most you can do is import the data, and then export it as an Excel (.xlsx) file. 

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Learning XSLT is one way to solve the issue, if you have pre-existing skills in say JavaScript or any other programming or scripting language then you could choose to create some code outside of FM to parse the XML and talk to FileMaker through one of its many other APIs: the Data API, the XML API, ODBC, JDBC,...

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Well, the best alternative to XSLT would be Excel or any other spreadsheet application that can read the Excel 2002/2003 XML input and save it as Excel Workbook (.xlsx) which can then be imported directly by Filemaker. 

The same applies to a source file in Excel 97-2003 Workbook format (.xls) which I suspect is the original format here, based on OP's previous thread:



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